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Many people struggle with the problem of crooked or damaged teeth and want to get rid of these issues. For this, many patients undergo dental treatment. Traditionally, people used to go for metal braces to make their smile picture-perfect. However, there is a drastic transformation from metal braces to aligner treatment. This is a primary reason we should understand the difference between aligners and braces and the advantages of the most effective procedure. These procedures are performed to improve and correct crowding, protrusions, irregular spacing, alignment issues, and crookedness. However, with the changes and advancements in dentistry, many orthodontists prefer aligner treatment over braces as it has many benefits, and the procedure is painless, smooth, and optimum to reinvent your smile. Aligners can last for a lifetime and have many benefits. Here are the details and information about Aligners and braces with the key advantages of the treatment.

What are braces?

Braces are the traditional and most trusted treatment for many. In today’s era, many people are unaware of the aligners. However, aligners tend to be the best option when compared with old-aged braces. This new technique is designed while keeping all the details and problems of the patients in mind. 

While wearing braces, you are given a metallic wire with tiny rubber bands to wear over your teeth, which looks awkward. This process is also time-consuming and can be inconvenient for many. Whereas, when we compare them with aligners, the treatment offers you some trays that are made up of comfortable medical-grade plastic customized according to a patient’s treatment requirements and facial structure. Aligners are customized treatments and are much safer than braces. Aligners are not visible and, thus, help you to regain your confidence and smile back. Following are some of the issues that are unanswered by the traditional braces and help aligner win the battle:

Convenient, removable, and easy to clean

When patients undergo the aligners process, they feel more comfortable and happier. It is comparatively more convenient than braces, not only for the dentist and the patient. As Aligners are a combination of upper and lower clear plastic trays, all you need to do is just insert them in your mouth as instructed by your dentist. Aligners are smooth in the finish, which significantly means there is little or no chance of tissue laceration. However, this is a very common problem faced by bracesHence, we can conclude that aligners are very easy to insert, remove, clean, and maintain, whereas, in braces, it is difficult to clean and maintain proper care.

Minimal Dental Care Clinic Visits

Aligners don’t require much of dental clinic visits. You do not need to book any extra appointments with your dentist. All you need to do is consult and visit your dentist once in 2 months for review. If you follow the instructions indicating the ‘Do’s and Don’ts of Aligners’ properly, your treatment will surely be complete ideally and in the given time frame. When compared with traditional braces, even a small issue in brackets or wire will require a visit to the dental clinic.

Low Maintenance, High Results

One of the most crucial parameters is Oral Hygiene, which is required to increase the life of your healthy mouth. Maintaining good oral hygiene practices is a must. In braces, it is pretty troublesome to maintain oral hygiene as food can easily be stuck in brackets or wires, whereas in aligners, you just have to wash them 3-4 times a day. Aligners are also removable, and cleaning them is much easier than braces. You can simply clean them with anti-bacterial soap or toothpaste with a soft-bristle toothbrush.

Comfortable Treatment

Every one of us requires good comfort in our mouths. If the treatment is uncomfortable, it does not give you a pleasing feeling. In braces, you will always have to take care while chewing your food, drinking, playing a sport, etc. A little ignorance may be dangerous for you and can even increase the time frame of the treatment. You will also have to transform and take care of your basic habits like eating and drinking, leading to frustration many times. On the contrary, for aligners, you don’t have to overthink these habits. You can remove your aligners and then perform all your activities easily.

Smile with Confidence

Many teenagers feel awkward when they wear braces. They are conscious of their looks and manier times feel shy to smile. However, aligners being almost invisible gives you the confidence to smile flawlessly without any hesitation. You feel brilliant and delighted while speaking with your aligners. Moreover, dental aligners, one of the latest and updated dental treatments, also add to your confidence in you.

Take Away

In the end, we can conclude that braces, a traditional tooth straightening procedure, have many benefits. However, aligners with the latest technology surely add more benefits to oral health care. You should plan a dental visit first to get your teeth aligned. They will perform an in-depth oral exam and take a series of X-rays and photos of your mouth. They may also take a clear impression of your teeth to plan your treatment.

Traditional braces will need orthodontic adjustment every four to six weeks. Patients generally wear braces for one to three years, although it may vary from patient to patient. Your dentist may give you a fair idea about the exact time frame for your procedure. 
If you go for aligners, your orthodontist will give you some sets of frames. These sets are planned to be worn for one to two weeks, but it may depend on one person to another. You can easily wear your aligners for 22 hours a day and take them out of the mouth for eating, brushing, and flossing. If you want to plan a dental check-up, feel free to reach us now. 

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