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Your teeth are precious, and so is your smile. Everyone wants to smile flawlessly and have beautiful teeth. However, sometimes, people face some uncertain consequences when their teeth might get damaged, injured, decayed, or may have cavities. These may disturb the person and makes them feel low. This is when you need a dental filling. A dental filling is a procedure performed to fill the gaps, holes, or damage that is caused to your tooth. Just as with any other dental treatment method, this procedure is committed to helping your teeth look natural and make them strong. It is one of the most common dental procedures that is performed by most dentists all over the world. In this process, the damaged or decayed part of your tooth is eliminated or removed, filling the gap with a filling material. This dental procedure is easy to perform and has a lot of benefits over other dental treatments. In this blog, we will understand dental fillings and the top 5 advantages of dental fillings.

What is a Dental Filling?

A dental filling is the insertion of the tooth filling material in your tooth that have a gap. It is one of the most common dental treatment procedures that are performed by dentists. The procedure is generally done to fill the holes in your tooth caused due to cavities, damage, or decay. Once the process is performed, the patient feels no discomfort or pain in their mouth and can smile back with confidence. Traditionally, dental fillings were done using metal alloys; however, now, composite fillings have gained popularity. 

Dental Fillings are also famous as it is a cheap dental treatment procedure. Therefore, if your dentist observes cavities in your tooth or teeth, they might recommend a dental filling because replacing the entire tooth can be more damaging and less affordable.  

4 Benefits of Dental Fillings that You Must Know:

  • Controls the further development of Cavity
  • When you visit a dentist near you for dental fillings, they will firstly exam your mouth. While diagnosing and examining, the dentists will clean your teeth and take out the decayed or damaged parts of your teeth. After that, they might add in the filling material and seal the hole of your teeth created by the cavity. This will help to protect the nerve endings of your dentine from relaxing and not being exposed to sensitive temperatures and other exposures. It will also protect your tooth from sugary or acidic food items causing bacteria in your tooth, resulting in the controlling toothache and the further development of cavities in your mouth. 

  • Gives your tooth a proper structure and strength
  • When your tooth has cavities, you might face the problem of hollow teeth and an unpleasant look. The filling is necessary to make them look better and reduce the impact of holes on your tooth. A dental filling can help to improve and rectify the structure of your tooth and give strength to your tooth. Dental fillings are an invasive dental treatment that obeys the rule of no damage. Our teeth might become weaker or more prone to chipping and fractures with age. But thanks to dental fillings are your solution to However, fillings can be a solution in case of injury, accident, or oral trauma to your tooth. Composite fillings are also helpful in enhancing the structure of your tooth. Instead of the tooth being chopped out due to a cavity, this dental filling will help your tooth to get adequate support.

  • Gives Support and Strengthens fractured teeth
  • As mentioned above, a person might experience problems in their tooth, like a weak tooth, with age. This might increase the chances of fractured teeth. Fillings are one of the best dental procedures to repair a broken or damaged tooth. To do this, generally, a tooth-coloured composite is used. If one of your teeth is damaged or cracked because of oral trauma or a problem from physical activities like sports or an accident, or when you eat hard things like ice or candies, or maybe because of age actor, you become more prone to chips and fractures. For this, you might need a dental filling.

  • Dental Fillings Can Last Longer
  • Based on the material you have chosen for your dental filling, you can last your fill for a very long duration. Fillings like Onlays and inlays have lasted more than 15 years. Nowadays, with the enhancement in technologies, dental fillings are effective. Although they cost a little more than other materials, they can make you accessible for decades or longer. Dental Fillings can also protect your teeth from any damage for a more extended period of time hence giving you your smile and confidence back.

    Take Away :  

    Dental Fillings can be a solution to many problems. It can help you to protect your teeth from various damage and problems. They can also give you your smile and confidence by filling up the gaps in your tooth. They can also last for more than a decade and have many advantages. To book an appointment for a dental filling procedure, visit us at Ideal Dental Care.

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