Patient Safety At Ideal Dental Care

Sterilization Autoclaves

Autoclaves sterilize dental instruments and other tools by subjecting them to high pressure, saturated steam. Ideal dental care’s autoclaves are imported from international manufacturers that perform sterilization complying with IDA and ADA specifications.

Steps of Sterilization

At Ideal Dental care, we follow a 4 steps process of sterilization after every patient to ensure 100% sterilization of Instruments and complete destruction of all viruses & spores. We also autoclave all our drilling hand pieces for enhanced safety of our patients.

All the sterilized instruments are sealed and pouched that are opened in front of every patient before beginning with the treatment.

Step – 1

Dipping in disinfectant solution for 30 minutes. Scrubbing & cleaning in running water and cleansing solution.

Step – 2

Cleansing in an Ultrasonic cleaner chamber and drying and packaging in separate Sealed pouches.

Step – 3

Sterilizing in ‘B-class’ Autoclave to ensure 100% sterilization.

Step – 4

Stored in UV Light storage cabinets, in the sterilization room to maintain sterility of instruments till they are used.

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