What is CEREC ???

CEREC is a superior Digital Chairside Treatment Experience for the patients. CEREC technology is a part of the growing Digital Dentistry. CEREC gives the opportunity to the Dentist to decrease the treatment time for rehabilitation of the teeth as well as increase the precision of the treatment modality.

It is a very common practice in Dentistry for delivering a Crown and Bridge, on the first visit to call the patient for preparation of the teeth followed by taking an impression of the teeth using Dental Materials. Then these impressions are poured and sent to the Dental Lab for fabrication of the Crown and Bridge. The Lab takes a period of 3-5 days to fabricate the crowns and send it back to the Dentist. This is where CEREC empowers a Dentist to accelerate the process of rehabilitation of the crowns to the patient. Using CEREC, we can drastically decrease the treatment time using the following steps:

  1. Preparation of Teeth for Crown and Bridge.
  2. Using the CEREC Primescan the Dentist takes a Digital Impression (This process forms a 3 Dimensional Model of the patient of both the upper and lower

 jaw along with the bite of the patient.

3.  After still step the designing of the Crown can be done by the Dentist using CAD technology (Computer Assisted Designing) in the Dental Office itself. 

4.  After the Designing is complete the next step is to Mill/Fabricate (CAM technology – Computer Assisted Milling) the designed crown using CEREC Primemill 

5.  In a span of a few minutes the Crown is fabricated and is glazed

6.  The Dentist checks the Crown in your mouth

7.  Final Cementation of the Crown 


This process takes a span of just 1-2 hours. If we compare the wait of the patient is over on the same day as compared to 3-5 days.

Benefits of CEREC

  1. Faster delivery of Crowns and Bridge
  2. Reduces time of Impression taking
  3. More Accurate fit of Crown and Bridge
  4. No more Temporary Crowns
  5. Only All Ceramic Crowns are fabricated using CEREC, more aesthetic as compared to Porcelain fused to metal crowns
  6. Reduced Number of Dental Visits
  7. Reduced Dental Appointment Time
  8. Same Day Functional and Aesthetic Rehabilitation of Teeth
  9. Quality control of the Crown in the hands of the Dentist


After 35 years of continuous optimization, CEREC gives its user a treatment experience which has outstanding results.

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