Clear Aligners

Clear Aligners
You will love how your teeth gets in alignment with these clear aligners !!
It is an excellent alternative to braces, its the Invisalign Clear Aligners System.
It is best for everyone who is been searching to look better, smile without having hassle of wearing traditional metal braces. It is virtually invisible and made of  BPA- free plastic trays that fits on to your teeth and shifts them into the position that is most desirable. The procedure takes upto 12 months of your time. And every 1 to 2 week a new set of custom made tray is made to shift the teeth. It does not majorly affect your lifestyle as they are not installed permanently. You can remove them out whenever you need specially while having food and also cleaning. But yes you have to wear them for a most of time every day.
They are fun to wear and are far more comfortable then the traditional braces. They absolutely have no harm on the soft tissue. With them there will be no problem of bleeding and ulcers.
Get your done soon at Ideal Dental Care and smile more confidently !!!

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