Advanced Implant Dentistry

Advanced Implant Dentistry
Yes implants are going to boost confidence and self- esteem which will eventually improve your health. Placing an implant is an easy procedure when you have ample amount of bone and gums on the site, but it becomes more challenging when there is less amount of it. these challenges can be easily tackled by Dr. Avi Ramavat at Ideal Dental Care with immense knowledge and technology which we have.
Depending upon the situation we can plan for:
  1. Bone Augmentation: When the exciting bone is not sufficient to support the implant, bone regeneration or restoration becomes mandatory. It can be achieved by bone alternatives or growth factors obtained from own blood.
  1. Sinus lift : Long standing missing of upper back teeth will lead to downward movement of the floor of the sinus which will result in an decreased amount of bone height. It can be solved by a sinus lift surgery in which the floor of sinus is lifted and bone graft material is placed. Healing is allowed and implant is placed.
  1. Ridge expansion: This procedure is carried out when the width of the bone is not sufficient. A slit is made in between the bone and depending upon the situation bone graft material  may or may not be placed in it and this is followed by implant placement.
  1. Immediate Load Dental Implants : We love to see you smile,  so we can carry out the procedure in which implants are placed and temporary prosthesis is given within a day or two. It is mainly done when you have a good amount of bone present and the initial stability of implant is great.
  1. Mini Dental Implants (MDIs) : As the name says these are more narrower and smaller than the regular implants. The technique used in it is minimally invasive and used mainly to stabilise the dentures.
All-on-4:  The basic concept behind this is to just place 4 implants when maximum bone is available. Temporary prosthesis can be given with the help of special abutments. And after a duration of six months permanent prosthesis is given.

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