Advanced Implant Dentistry

Advanced Implant Dentistry

Dental Implants are one of the most promising Dental Treatments to give back the Healthy and Happy smile you always dreamt off. Dental Implants are going to boost your confidence and Self-Esteem in bringing back your healthy smile and general health.

What is Advanced Dental Implant Surgery ???

Before placing an Implant it is important to understand the bone structure 3- Dimensionally. This 3-D scan gives us the freedom to plan the exact size of Dental Implant that has to be placed in the mouth in the area where the tooth/teeth are missing. Along with planning the Dentist is also able to study the quality, quantity as well as any bony defect present in the area of treatment.

In cases where one of the parameters is not adequate , the role of Advanced Dental Implantology sets in.

How do I know I am a case for Dental Implant surgery or Advanced Dental Implant surgery ?

The number of teeth as well as amount of bone that is present plays a pivotal role in deciding which branch of Implantology is going to be used for successful treatment of the patient. Dental check-up and X-rays conducted by the Dentist aid on guiding the treatment pathway for each patient.

What are the various types of Advanced Implant Dentistry :

According to the situation any one one of them or a combination of them are used for treatment :

  • Bone Addition Surgery (Bone Augmentation): When the exciting bone is not sufficient to support the Dental Implant, bone regeneration or restoration becomes mandatory. It can be achieved by putting Bone grafts or Growth Factors obtained from your own Blood.
  • Sinus lift (Lifting the Maxillary Sinus): Long standing missing of Upper back teeth will lead to downward movement of the lower lining of the floor of the Maxillary Sinus which will result in an decreased amount of bone height for placement of Dental Implant. It can be solved by a Sinus Lift surgery in which the floor of sinus is lifted and placement of Bone Graft material. Healing is allowed for a period of 6 months and Dental Implant is placed.
  • Ridge Opening (Ridge Expansion): This procedure is carried out when the width of the bone is not wide enough. A slit is made in between the bone and depending upon the situation bone graft material may or may not be placed in it and this is followed by Dental Implant placement.
  • Immediate Teeth placement on Dental Implants (Immediate Loading): We love to see you smile, so we can carry out the procedure in which the Dental Implants are placed and temporary teeth prosthesis is given within 2 or 3 days. It is mainly done when you have a good amount of bone present and the initial stability of Dental Implant is great.
  • Full mouth Dental Implants (All- on – 4 and All- on – 6): This is a very comfortable solution for patients who don’t have any teeth in their mouth. Rather than wearing a Removable Full mouth Denture, this treatment option gives a new spree of life and comfort to the patient from the hassle of removing and wearing dentures.

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