Laminates and Veneers

Veneers or Laminates will be the best choice for the aesthetic purpose. They are highly effective and blend with the adjacent teeth and are a part of smile makeover. They are very thin, shell made up of either porcelain and or composite material that is designed to cover only the front portion of the teeth. In order to attach them there is a need to reduce a small portion of the tooth structure. If the reduction is not done it will simply make them look outwards then the natural teeth in an obvious manner and also not stick adequately. The tooth structure is fundamentally unchanged and the enamel (outer layer of teeth) remains intact. There is only a minor preparation by trimming the teeth that is almost comfortable for oral health. They can even change the size, shape, colour and length of teeth.

When should you consider doing it ?

  • Worn out teeth,
  • Broken teeth,
  • Maligned teeth,
  • Uneven teeth,
  • Close the gap between teeth.

Generally it takes 3 visits to get a set of veneers;

  • in first visit impressions and x-rays of the teeth are recorded.
  • in second visit tooth preparation will be done followed by recording of impressions that will be sent to a lab,
  • in third visit, we will ensure the fit and the colour with the adjacent teeth after the perfection is seen it will be cemented on to the teeth.

If you are considering an smile makeover then veneers or laminates will be the best option for your as it can change appearance of the teeth considerably. To understand more about feel free to give us a call.