What is Full Mouth Rehabilitation ???

If you are suffering from multiple issues that affect the beauty,  health, and function of your smile, then you should consider a Comprehensive Dental Treatment Plan. Full mouth rehabilitation mainly includes Cosmetic & Functional restoration and prosthetic reconstruction of all your missing and affected teeth.
For this you may require a number of procedures combined together like Aesthetic restorations, Teeth Whitening, Laminates & Veneers, Teeth Alignment with orthodontic correction, Teeth Removal, Crown or Fixed bridges, Treatment of Periodontal Disease, and Dental Implant- supported Fixed Dentures. It is basically a combination of neuromuscular dentistry with the art of cosmetic dentistry in order to provide a corrected and functional smile. Which will make you more comfortable and  more beautiful.

Am I a Case for Full Mouth Rehabilitation ???

It is best to visit our Dental Clinic so that we can give you a Holistic Dental Treatment. Here are some of the conditions where one can be a case for Full Mouth Rehabilitation :

  • – When you have missing or carious teeth
  • – Injured, Chipped or Fractured teeth
  • – Worn out teeth due to acid Erosion or Clenching Habit
  • – Ongoing complains of headache, muscle and jaw pain which needs adjustments in the occlusion (bite)
  • – Multiple teeth missing
  • Other Multiple Dental Difficulties.

What is The Process for Full Mouth Rehabilitation ???

The first appointment is generally a complete Dental check up along with some X-rays that need to be done in order to make a proper Diagnosis and Treatment plan for the same. Along with this we take some impressions so that we can study your case in detail. The treatment is started with a thorough Gum treatment followed by further Cosmetic and Restorative treatments to give you the dream smile.