What are Face Defects / Deformities ???

These are the defects/ deformities in the growth of the skull and facial bones. These are congenital (present at birth).

What are the different types of deformities and how can we provide treatment ???

The best time is before one year of age for your child as the bones are still very soft and easy to work with.

1. Cleft Lip (Splitting of Lips)
2. Cleft Palate (Splitting of Palate)
3. Hemangiomas
4. Vascular Malformations
5. TMJ Ankylosis (Improper fusion of mouth joint)
6. Facial Clefts

The focus of the treatment is to provide a satisfied patient by giving stable occlusion and improved function. These deformities require a team approach which includes a Dental Surgeon, Orthodontist, ENT specialist, Speech Therapist and Psychologist. The good news is…..it can be corrected with a proper diagnosis and treatment plan at Ideal Dental Care with the best team.