If you are suffering from an advanced gum disease, at Ideal Dental Care we have a number treatments that can help you to get rid of this, and feel healthy once again.

  1. Flap surgery (pocket reduction surgery):

Pockets are formed between the teeth and the detached gums where infection lies. Until the pockets are reduced there are chances of reinfection. For the reduction of pockets there are a number of surgeries available with us. to give a baseline idea, under local anaesthesia a tiny incision is made on your gums so as they can be lifted from the underlying root of teeth and bone in order to visualise  any deposits or irregularities so as to clean and reshape them. After this the gums are put back in an appropriate manner and stitches are given so as to secure them and help in a fast healing.

  1. Soft tissue grafts:

These are mainly an aesthetic procedure and sometimes a functional when there is reduced gum at implant site. When gums are reduced your teeth will look longer and there will be difficulty in cleaning that area which will lead to infections. This type of pathologies can be corrected by reinforcing some amount of soft tissue in that area. This is usually done by obtaining tissue from the donor site which is mainly the roof of your mouth (palate) and placed over the site and left covered for healing. This can help reduce further gum recession, cover exposed roots and give your teeth a more pleasing appearance.

  1. Bone grafting.

This type of procedure is performed when periodontitis hits the bone and destroys it and makes it irregular. bone graft are small particles of bone that can be obtained from either your own bone, synthetic or can be donated. Grafts mainly prevents tooth loss by holding them in place. And serves as and platform for the natural bone to grow.

  1. Guided tissue regeneration:

It is the procedure where the soft tissues are guided in such a way that they promote the growth and healing of underlying bone. It is done by placing a piece of biocompatible material between bone and the soft tissue so that the soft tissue doesn’t grow in that area and there is ample amount of space for bone to grow.