What Are Teeth Aligners Benefits and Teeth Aligner Procedure

Crooked Smiles, cross teeth, overcrowding teeth, and deep overbites can affect the personalities of individuals, and they are urged to achieve a perfectly straight smile. There are several teeth alignment techniques in the market, such as braces and dental implants. However, clear teeth aligners are a new attraction point. Many studies have shown the effective results of aligners, making them a popular treatment for alignment. Due to Aligners’ properties being invisible and convenient to use, they create pleasing aesthetics. This article talks about the benefits and procedure of teeth aligners and how long they last.

What are Teeth Aligners?

Transparent tight-fitted teeth clips made from a medical-grade plastic appliance that you slip over teeth with the intention of straightening them are known as Clear Aligners or Teeth Aligners. Dental Aligners are custom-made braces through digital scan and are painless, comfortable and portable. They are also known as retainers.

Benefits of Teeth Aligners

With the advancement of dentistry and treatments related to malocclusion, teeth aligners are highly adopted by individuals. Although there are many benefits to dental aligners, here are five key benefits of teeth aligners.

  1. Invisible and Smart: Dental aligners are made out of medically graded plastic and are clear in appearance; this makes them appealing to the masses. Many people find metal braces embarrassing, hence invisible aligners satisfy their insecurities.
  2. Portable and Removable: Dental Aligners can be removed, unlike metal braces. Removable property teeth aligners make them convenient and travel-friendly. They require minimal maintenance and are easy to slip on and off.
  3. Painless and Comfortable: Metal Braces can pain due to screws and metal cubes installed over teeth which pull and tug teeth; however, teeth aligners are pain-free and comfortable to wear throughout the day. Aligners can be removed if you face any discomfort.
  4. Healthy and Durable: Aligners make it easier to maintain oral hygiene. Since aligners are made from plastic, they are highly lasting and durable.
  5. Minimal Food Restrictions: Unlike Metal Braces, the patient does not need to sacrifice their comfort food due to dental aligners. With minimal restriction, patients can eat any food comfortably.
    How long does it take for Aligner treatment?

    The duration of Aligner treatment is based on the patient’s scan and is specific to each individual. Dentists assign a proper duration for teeth aligners depending on the state of overbite, crookedness and habit of wearing dental aligners. Generally, teeth aligners take between 12-24 months; however, if the patent has undergone the braces procedure in their childhood and face movement in their alignment over the years, they may have to wear aligners for a short period of time.

    The procedure of Teeth Aligners

    The treatment for dental aligners isn’t a complicated procedure. Anyone can consult their dentist and get invisible braces from them. The following are the step that a patient undergoes during teeth aligners.

    1. Consultation: The first step is to consult with your dentist, as invisible aligners don’t always work for everyone.
    2. Dental Scan: Post the consultation with the dentist, the patient undergoes a dental scan which provides a guide for the dentist to get aligners made.
    3. Aligners: With the help of data from the digital scan, patients’ customized aligners are given for them to wear daily.
    4. Routine checkups: After receiving the aligners patient needs to routinely get a dental checkup to foresee any problems.

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