TMJ Pain

TMJ Pain

Is Your Jaw Painful

Do you have difficulty chewing? Do you clench your teeth during the day? Does your jaw deviate to the left or right when you open wide? Do you grind your teeth at night? (Ask someone) Do you ever have a headache when you wake up? Have you ever had a blow to the chin, face or head? Have you reached the point at which drugs no longer relieve your symptoms? Does chewing gum start up your symptoms? When your mouth is wide open, can you insert three fingers into your mouth vertically? If you are suffering from such symptoms visit to your dentist for jaw examination and treatment other-wise it can worsen the situation and sometimes lead to lockjaw.


  • Relive stress
  • Relive tension-related parafunctional activity
  • Limited jaw movement /no to open wide
  • Soft diet
  • moist heat and/or ice therapy

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