Immediate Dental Implants

Immediate Dental Implants

What are Immediate Dental Implants ???

As the name suggests, placement of Dental Implants immediately in the area of need. This means that there is presence of an earlier fractured tooth, Root piece or loosened tooth immediately before the placement of Dental Implant. After removal of the concerned teeth Dental Implant is placed in the same socket along with some bone graft in order to add more stability and accelerate the integration of the Dental Implant to the bone.

What are the Advantages of Immediate Dental Implants ???

Immediate Dental Implants cater to every patient’s ideal dream of obtaining treatment spontaneously. They aim to reduce the patient’s discomfort of having missing teeth in the smile zone by being quicker. The advantages involved in this procedure is that the number of surgical procedures is reduced to one instead of two, and the integration of the Dental Implant to the bone is maximized due to the healing nature of the site of extraction by itself. It shortens the total number of appointments from time of extraction to final rehabilitation of the missing teeth. Another critical advantage of this technique is that it prevents the loss of bone and gum tissue which is an inadvertent event during extraction of teeth. The overall procedure is not only simplified with better results, but very comfortable and efficient for the patient.

Am I a case for Immediate Dental Implants ???

A patient’s specific eligibility for this procedure will depend on the state of their current oral hygiene, the wear pattern of their teeth, and the amount of bone grafting that is required.
At IDEAL DENTAL CARE, we make sure to perform the best procedure for each patient’s specific needs, and can perform an Immediate Dental Implant placement if it is the best solution.

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