Need for Braces-What is the correct age?

There is no age limit for getting a brace. Yes, it’s true. It is a myth that toddlers and youngsters can get braces; however, it is observed that there are a high number of patients who are above the age of 18 years are getting braces and are happy with the treatment. There are few parameters to get braces, i.e., healthy jaw bone and permanent teeth, which is nowhere related to age. The damage can happen in any age group, and it is also treated for every age.

In this blog, you will understand some myths that an adult has about braces, reasons why some adults choose to skip braces, and the cost of braces in India to give a clear idea about the overall aspect of braces.

Myths that an Adult have about Braces

A toddler, teenager or an adult- anyone can get braces at any point in time. All you need to understand is that you must have a healthy jawbone and natural teeth for orthodontic treatment.

There are lots and lots of reasons adults seek out orthodontic treatment, and if it’s something you’re also considering, it’s normal. There is nothing to worry about. Statistics reveal that about 27% of all dental patients in the United States and Canada are 18-years-old or above. It is also observed that approximately 30% of Invisalign patients are adults, and that number is growing. There are some common illusions about braces that we’re countering with facts.

  • I’m too old for braces or Invisalign, and treatment won’t be that effective

This illusion is not correct. There is no age limit for your dental treatment. You can go through this process at any point in time. And there is nothing like being aged to lessen the effectiveness of your dental health. There are humongous benefits of orthodontic treatment, and a good dentist (with experience and proper qualification) may give you amazing results at any age. It is also a fact that the placement of braces or Invisalign takes the same time and method, whether you are 16 or 60 years old.

  • I’ll have to wear metal braces.

With the advent of new technology and the latest equipment in the field, different braces are introduced. Now, the patients have plenty of options and alternatives for braces. Be it adults, kids or teens, orthodontic ensures your complete comfort and satisfaction with your choice, and it is nowhere compulsory to go for metal braces. Other amazing options for patients could be clear braces and Invisalign. Clear braces are similar as traditional braces. The only difference is that they are made from a composite material, so they are less visible. However, Invisalign involves a series of clear, removable plastic aligners that are translucent and are generally fit your busy lifestyle.

Getting braces when you are an adult means treatment for years.

Another myth is that people believe that dentistry is a long process, and it takes years to set back your teeth, mainly when you are an adult. Orthodontics is continually growing and evolving and includes many of the latest techniques, appliances and technology to straighten teeth as fast as possible. Both braces and Invisalign have seen plenty of engineering and materials evolving at high speed to reduce the time of fixing your teeth. Therefore, it hardly matters if you are a toddler or an adult. The procedure is time-consuming, but now thanks to digital x-rays and other technological equipment’s, dentistry successfully reduced the treatment time and discomfort of the patients.

  • Having straight teeth is a cosmetic treatment

Getting braces makes you smile better and has enamours benefits, and they are much more than cosmetic dentistry. Adults can beautify their smile with the correct type of braces and orthodontic treatment. You can get straight white teeth with braces, and you can benefit yourself from further oral damage, tooth decay or gum problems by taking proper care of your teeth after your treatment. As gum disease is named with some of the major diseases like diabetes, heart disease and stroke, and premature labour in women, there is a definite oral health and overall health connection.

Why Some Adults Avoid Braces?

Due to various misconceptions and lack of knowledge, many people have developed a sense of risk in putting up braces. They find it an inconvenient, expensive and inefficient method for their oral healthcare. Moreover, there are various social and personal reasons too that make adults skip braces in their lives. Although increasing technology has changed many adults’ pattern and mindset, the journey is long. Here are few reasons why adults tend to skip braces and have issues: –

  • Physical and Social Inconvenience

The fear of being judged by society is one of the major reasons for getting away from braces. This social inconvenience is common in children and adults. However, another important reason is that adult find braces bulky and inconvenient when it comes to the physical parameters. In both cases, changes are taking place gradually, and it is a long way to cross the line of physical and social convenience. The technological development and the changes in the beautiful design of braces are the helpful measures that are taking place to avoid these inconveniences and make people aware and adopt the term “Braces”. Many braces are now inserted and settled so that they are almost invisible and do not affect a person’s physical and social parameters.

  • Lifestyle and Eating habit


Most adults are also afraid of braces because it impacts the eating habits and lifestyle. Braces appeal to avoid certain food items and snacks for your convenience affecting your lifestyle and diet. The limitations for avoiding certain food items are solely don’t reduce the chances of staining and sticking of your braces, but many of the patients find it inconvenient to adopt these eating habits quickly and find it difficult, resulting in a smaller number of the audience getting braces. It would help if you also remembered that braces are not permanent but are temporary. So, you can come back to your eating habits and lifestyle once you get your beautiful smile back.

Cost of Dental Braces in India

The cost of dental braces may vary from one place to another. There is no fixed price for dental treatment. The approximate cost of dental braces in India is mentioned below in the table: –

Metal Braces INR 18,000 – INR 35,000
Ceramic Braces INR 30,000 – INR 55,000
Lingual / Incognito Braces INR 72,000 – INR 190,000
Invisalign INR 60,000 onwards


To sum up, you can be sure that you can get braces at any point in time- be it a child, teenager or adult. Technological evolution is changing dentistry’s face and giving more options to the patients for braces for their comfort and convenience.

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