How Long Does It Take Whiten Your Teeth

When any patient considers a tooth whitening treatment, the first and most important question that arises in their mind is, “how long does it take to whiten my teeth?”. The answer to the question is specifically dependent on the condition of the teeth, the reason for their discolouration and the type of treatment the patient desires to have. There are various alternatives available for teeth whitening.

Many times, patients can complete their teeth whitening process within an hour or two. In a few scenarios, the patient may require a follow-up treatment. It is also crucial for the patient to know the teeth whitening procedure and why professional whitening is one of the most effective remedies.

Process and Time of Teeth Whitening Treatment

Everyone loves to have a flawless and bright smile, but most people struggle to have brilliant teeth. At-home whitening essentials such as strips and gels, or dental office procedures, such as chairside bleaching, are a few standard methods that people use to brighten their teeth and reduce surface stains.

No matter what tooth whitening process you follow, it will not last until proper aftercare is taken. At-home products may help you with minimal-to-great results that may last for some months. Professional dental procedures may help you to exceed the time up to 2-3

Following are some of the effects of teeth whitening procedures and products you can consider.

Whitening toothpaste

If you opt to use a whitening toothpaste twice daily, it may take 2 to 6 weeks before you see any outcome. Patients say these results can last for up to 3 or 4 months.

Whitening toothpaste can be tried and used several times a week. They have ingredients that polish your teeth, such as:

  • hydrogen peroxide
  • carbamide peroxide
  • mild abrasives

Kinds of toothpaste that only contain abrasives tackle surface stains and cannot change the exact colour of teeth. Those that contain peroxide can whiten teeth and remove stains to some extent.

You can extend these effects if you continue to operate whitening toothpaste. But some patients are sensitive to the components and find that their gums or teeth become risky with prolonged use. Long-term use of whitening toothpaste may thin tooth enamel. If you want to use whitening toothpaste long term, try other options with a toothpaste designed to strengthen enamel.

Whitening mouthwash

This process may take up to 3 months before you can feel any effect from a whitening mouthwash. Whitening mouthwashes usually have hydrogen peroxide. You can use a whitening mouthwash daily to help remove a small amount of surface staining. It is pretty effective when used to prolong the effect of other procedures, such as in-office whitening or whitening strips. When used alone, its effects are not long-lasting.

Whitening strips

Whitening strips have various treatments needed before any result is observed. Some strips provide immensely excellent results, lasting for up to 6 months.

Whitening strips are one of the most effective treatments for whitening teeth at home. Few brands are easy to use and more efficient than others. Some use LED accelerator lights to give more intense stain removal therapy. Whitening strips use peroxide to bleach teeth and take off your stains. When used incorrectly or randomly, they may result in harming your teeth.

When appropriately used, high-quality brands of whitening strips can help you to remove both extrinsic and mild intrinsic stains by bleaching teeth to make them whiter.

Whitening pens

Whitening pens will take 2 days up to a week but provide minimal outcomes that are usually not long-lasting.

Whitening pens are smaller plastic tubes containing portable whitening gel used for spot stain removal. The gel is washed out quickly, but you can’t eat, drink, or rinse your teeth for about an hour after using it.

 At-home whitening gel trays

With at-home whitening gel trays, you can start observing optimum results from a whitening gel tray in about a week, with maximum outcomes observed in 2 to 4 weeks. The amount of whitening you can monitor will vary based on the strength of the peroxide used and the length of time worn.

When used with proper oral hygiene, at-home, dentist-supervised whitening gel trays will provide long-lasting results for a year or longer.

Chairside bleaching (Dental Clinic Tooth Whitening Procedure)

If you follow optimum and proper oral hygiene procedures, a chairside (or in-office) treatment will surely help you achieve a long-lasting and efficient result for 1 to 3 years.

The procedure is performed in a dental clinic. At Ideal Dental Care, one of the leading dental clinics in Central India, 100% Painless treatment with effective results is guaranteed. It usually will take only one visit. The procedure uses an effective bleaching agent, such as highly-concentrated hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. With the latest technology and experts, it is further accelerated to make your smile flawless and your teeth shining white.

Dental hygiene tips

Keeping your teeth clean and flossed is essential when discussing dental hygiene. What needs to be taken care of with the basic hygiene procedure is to prevent cavities, plaque and gingivitis to keep your teeth whitest. Follow these simple hygiene tips for effective results;

  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day, especially after meals.
  • Brush after a meal if you eat or drink things that can stain your teeth; unless you eat or drink something acidic, it is better to wait 30 minutes.
  • Chew sugar-free gums or rinse your mouth with a good amount of water after eating.
  • Add a whitening toothpaste or rinse your teeth with your regular dental routine between whitening treatments.


With a wide range of at-home and in-clinic tooth whitening products and procedures, it is easy to take care of your teeth and avoid plaque and other dental harmful effects. At-home treatments such as whitening toothpaste, rinses, and pens will surely not last very long but may help prolong the benefits of other, more effective whitening treatments. White strips are yet another effective over-the-counter whitening treatment that can be used without a dentist’s supervision and consultation. At-home gel trays that are customized and best suited for your mouth by your dentist and chairside whitening will help you get the longest-lasting whitening treatment and the best consultation for your oral health care.

Whitening teeth is faster and easier when guided by an expert dentist. Call us today for free teleconsultation or learn more about teeth whitening procedures.


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