What is Cerec Primescan?

Cerec Primescan is a digital scanner that creates Computer-Generated 3D images of your mouth. Along with scanning your natural teeth and gums, it can also scan implants, bridges, and crowns! After taking the impressions, in-house 3D milling is done to make crowns and the crowns can be cemented within 24 hours. The Primescan is commonly used to create crowns, veneers, and other restorations at high accuracy.

Benefits of Cerec Primescan

  • Quicker and easier method which reduces the number of sittings (crown can be given within 24 hours)
  • More accuracy
  • Better quality
  • No need to place temporary crowns

Cerec Primescan at Ideal Dental Care

At Ideal Dental Care, we do everything we can to make our office the one-stop for all your oral health needs. To support this goal, Ideal Dental Care is starting a new advanced robotic-like technology to make crowns in-house using the Cerec milling unit and Primescan intraoral scanner. This technology allows us to make crowns and bridges in a short amount of time, meaning you can get these restorations completely done in just one day!

CEREC technology is also used in other dental applications. We use the intraoral scanner to take full mouth digital impressions which can then be used in orthodontic treatment planning, smile design, and implant restorations.

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