Avoid these foods to protect your gums

Avoid these foods to protect your gums

Smile is the most noticeable & important part of the body that makes you feel great. And for that you need to take care of your gums & teeth.
You must have a habit of brushing & flossing daily but is it enough to maintain your oral health?
So here we are sharing some facts, information and ideas to avoid few foods so that you can maintain your dental health properly.
We have always heard that sugar is bad for teeth. Do not eat so much candies as it can create cavities.

But have you ever heard about other foods like bread, popcorn, dried fruits etc. these can also be harsh on your teeth?
You must educate yourself about the gum protection strategies and the food you should eat.
Now it is easy to get healthy gums without dentist.
Here is the list of foods that you should avoid in your daily routine:
Dried fruits:
Dried fruits are good source of nutrients in human body but the stickiness in them makes it bad for your teeth. All fruits are almost rich in sugar, which is not good for your teeth. Also, when you eat fresh food, the saliva in your mouth can wash the sweet from your teeth but when you eat dry fruits, they are stickier and hence they invite different types of bacteria in your mouth.

Tooth enamel & tooth decay are the issues which are usually developed by eating pickles more than a day. It is really important to ensure that you eat pickles in a less amount. The major thing that can harm your teeth is the salty flavor of vinegar in it. That is a kind of destructive element for your healthy teeth.

Soft drinks:
Usually, people think that only the sugary part of the soft drinks makes it bad for your teeth, but the soda involved in it is more harmful. So, if you choose to go for sugar free soda, then it is also a bad option for your dental health. We recommend that you can take sodas or soft drink once in a week or a day but don’t keep sipping it for the whole day because it can be worse for your teeth. Also, if you use energy drinks, the same thing applies to that too.

Alcohol is not at all good for your dental health because it directly affects the saliva produce. Alcohol decreases the produce of saliva in your mouth and affect therefore the cleaning of the mouth get reduced. Saliva is a natural element that cleans the bad particles in your mouth from teeth. So, saliva intake can really affect your mouth in a negative way and large intake of it can cause mouth cancer.

Acidic foods:

Citris foods are good & healthy for your diet but they should be consumed with meals. Also, one must avoid having lemonade because that is not good for health. It also contains the high level of acid sugar that act as a bad element for your body.

Chewy candies:
As dry fruits stick to the teeth, chewy candies also stick to the teeth & make it more difficult to maintain the good dental health. And if in case candies are made up of the citric & sugar then it will be too harmful for you. When these candies remain for longer time in your mouth then these causes tooth decay.

Thus it is really essential to be aware of the foods you should avoid in your daily life so that you can maintain a balance for a healthy & good dental health. In case of any confusions or doubts, you can always contact with your dental experts to keep yourself updated.
Also, consult our expert team online to know everything about the good dental health.

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